By Richard Young | 
April 1, 2020 

My Three-Week-Long Investing Program

I am ramping it up over the month of April into May.

Our Young’s Dynamic Maximizers portfolio (a fixed income alternative) is actually up 2.5% YTD, or an annual annualized 7.5%. I find this performance most encouraging.

My own largest fixed income holding (individual bonds, while clearly a superior option are not ideal for me as I am on the road and out of touch at annoying times) a full-faith-and-credit-pledge GNMA’s-centric fund is ahead by 3.0%, or an annualized 12.0%. I am happy with this.

GLD, one of my gold proxies is ahead by 6.5%, or an annualized 26%.

My Swiss currency proxy (I have been investing in Switzerland since the early seventies. Click to the Swiss Way) is up 1.4% YTD. Encouraging.

All in all, I am pleased and have recently been concentrating on the energy sector where Russia, Iran and the Saudi’s are getting killed and American shale assets and big energy dividend payers are a steal.

Let’s see where prices are in just five years and who the proven winners will have been.

My own buying program will continue at least into the summer.

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