By Richard Young | 
May 18, 2018 

Bull and Bear Portfolio Update: 5.18.18

Model Guidance: Close Your Positions

I want you to close out your longs and shorts in the short-term Bull-Bear Portfolio model. Through last night’s close, the model is up 2.80% (total return)  compared to a gain of 1.30% for the Dow (assumes $60K in capital)—a strong return for a portfolio that takes 40% less stock market risk than the Dow as a whole. And a nice boost to a balanced portfolio that may be feeling some temporary drag from rising interest rates.

With a nice profit in the bank, it is time to move on from this round of the short-term bull-bear portfolio and come back when conditions are more favorable.

I will have more on bull-bear investing and many more compelling enhancements to Young’s World Money Forecast over coming weeks and months.

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