By Richard Young | August 23, 2019 

The Three Best Retirement Decisions I Ever Made

In April of 2004, I explained to readers three decisions about retirement that I was very happy to pass on. I wrote:

Long ago, I made three decisions that I am happy to pass on to you regarding retirement: (1) Don’t. (2) Live in a warm weather state. (3) Live in a warm weather state without a state income tax and with a homestead exemption. My clear choice for #2 and #3 was and is Florida. We’ve been homestead exemption Key West residents since 1992.

Debbie and I have traversed the complete 360 degrees of Florida. We don’t travel inland much. After all, if the choice is being near the water or not, it’s a no brainer, don’t you think? In that I write specifically to business owners, retired investors and conservative investors soon to be retired, all can benefit from my ongoing Florida intelligence seeking.

You probably want to stop working eventually. And you may enjoy the cold weather. And you may even enjoy the mountains more than the water. Even if you disagree on the three points I explained back in 2004, it’s important that you find the right retirement plan for you, and that you begin working towards it today.

If you need help achieving your retirement goals, my family-run investment counsel firm can assist you. If you fill out the form below, you will be contacted by a seasoned member of my staff, who will discuss your retirement plan with you, and provide you with a free, no-obligation portfolio review. We can help you achieve your retirement goals, even if they are different than mine.

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