By Richard Young | 
November 29, 2017 

Bull and Bear Portfolio Update 11.29.2017

Model Guidance: I want you to close out both the long and short positions on the Short-term Bull & Bear Portfolio at the open today. Based on yesterday’s close if you initially invested $90,000 in the nine long positions in the model you have made close to $9,000 in only two months. A $30,000 investment in the three short positions has lost only about $2,200. The net gain on my Short-term Bull & Bear Portfolio is $6,742, or a 7.5% gain assuming $90,000 in starting capital. You’ve done better than the Dow with less stock market risk.

The Short-term Bull & Bear Portfolio was the first feature of my new digital-only Young’s World Money Forecast. There will be much more to come in 2018.

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