By Richard Young | November 1, 2018 

Brilliant Investors Know: Cash Flow & Compounding Rule!

Retired or retiring not too far down the road?

You will be a winner if you are “the ultimate patient investor.”

To be a genius in the financial markets you need a steel-trap grip on the single concept that virtually guarantees long term financial security.

The strategy is based on Einstein’s miracle of compound interest.

Here, in a nutshell, is the story:

Young Research’s Dynamic Maximizers® (DMs) portfolio is a maximum safety portfolio ideal for retirement investors, IRAs, and education programs. The Dynamic Maximizers® portfolio model invests primarily in dividend and income paying securities. Past performance should never be considered predictive of the future. Despite the dotcom bust and the 2008/2009 financial collapse, the DMs, however, have yet to record a single down year this century.

Young Research’s annual target total return range for the Dynamic Maximizers Portfolio® is 3% to 10%. Given those returns, investors have been able to comfortably enjoy a 4% retirement draw without depleting principal.

Double your Money over 10 years

Over this century, the DMs have generated a 6.9% compounded annual return*. Compare that to a more speculative portfolio such as the NASDAQ which has generated less than half of the gains of the DMs over the same time period.

Using the rule of 72, at a 6.9% annual return, an investor can expect to double his money every ten and a half years. The rule of 72 states that you can estimate the number of years it takes to double your money by dividing 72 by an assumed rate of return.

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*Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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